Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Thanks for visiting "Philanthropy and the City" - all about a journey to renew my philanthropic spirit through the NYC community. We live in a place that offers hundreds, if not thousands, of things to do each day / week / month / year. This blog will not only follow me through this experience but will also serve as a "go-to guide" in finding a niche to give back in this city full of millions.

I admit that when I'm busy, the first thing to go is volunteering. Often things like work, friends, sleep, trips, shopping, and shows get in the way. Yet when I do volunteer or somehow give back, it seems to feel even more rewarding than the last time. I want to provide information at your fingertips in order to channel strengths into something to benefit others. Philanthropy should feel less like a task and more like a hobby or passion.

I'll be sharing my views of how the city can benefit from various efforts by showcasing how easy it is to spread the good natured spirit of NYC. I get that this blog is a little bit idealistic but that's the cool part about it - breaking away from the general mood of our everyday lives (MTA delays, anyone?) and being willing to brighten it up.

"Philanthropy in the City" will post ways to volunteer and put your desire to help in action. Everything from races like "Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure" to city-wide events like "New York Cares Day" will be posted. Providing others with the tools to get involved is the first step of improving our philanthropic efforts in all five boroughs.

I also plan to highlight important organizations that don't get the attention they deserve. I moved to Manhattan in October 2009 (though have been visiting for years) so suggestions are always welcome. Do you head up the marketing of a great non-profit currently looking for a corporate sponsorship? Or maybe you are a recent grad, doing a fellowship at a place that can use a few extra volunteers. Let me know. Non-profits often lack exposure and funding to let their voice be heard. This blog can be another platform.

The "Philanthropic Sightings" posts are things seen around the city that renew our faith in this city and humanity overall. I compare it to Overheard in NY meets Gives Me Hope. The truth is NY gets a bad rap. We have been called rude, careless, violent drivers, quick to judge, lack compassion, always rushing (that one is pretty accurate) - well the list goes on. I want to prove the cynics wrong. People do smile on the street, hold doors open and compliment one another - you just have to look for it.

I love hearing of successful efforts that made an impact - whether big or small. Please share - I plan to post a great deal from others. Looking forward to starting this journey.

Thanks for reading =)